The Silent Rituals

There are so many rituals we do with our furniture without even realizing or noticing it, most of us don’t want to give things away especially those which hold an emotional value in our life.

My motive is to bring these emotions attached with objects to the foyer, showcase these seemingly used objects with a new life purpose, new form, understand how they were used and redefine that for the needs of today. Letting them tell their story, sprucing them up for making new user experiences and attachments.

Making them the CHERISHED OBJECT/ARTIFACT of our homes.

Now one may say why would you think so much about the form rather than see how functional it is, it is because the emotional design of an object matters.

So what is this emotional design of an object?
‘It is a measure of happiness received from consuming a good or service.’ When an object brings more than just function, brings in an emotion it has the possibility to be become a cherished object.
Our houses are littered with things that don’t work too well or things that we don’t need, but we still want them anyway. Most of the times the functionality of the object becomes secondary to the emotions of the user. When an object brings more than just function, brings in an emotion it has the possibility to be become a cherished object. In such cases it is emotional design that plays an active role in the usage of a particular object. How it makes you feel, how it address a need, desire, it’s history and connections it makes for the user.

We live our lives in the ‘middle of things’ and these objects connect us to ideas and people. Think about your most cherished object, sometimes certain things & objects take the place for a thought that cannot be expressed or spoken.

Recliners like these or more commonly known as ‘The Bombay Fornicator’ were found in many a home and my fondest memory is that of my grandfather and his friends reading the daily newspapers on it every evening at the Parsee Gymkhana. The leg rests would be used as seats in which the grandkids would sit perched on.

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